Dear #Dragoncon Thank you for the lovely weekend and the very little sleep. Love, James and @thejudgegunn xo



Dear #Dragoncon Thank you for the lovely weekend and the very little sleep. Love, James and @thejudgegunn xo



This new TOBACCO music video by director Eric Wareheim is incredible. Do yourself a favor and watch it here: http://vimeo.com/91776291

Holy shit, two of my favorite folks all up in one place!



Toei’s Spider-Man.


If you have not yet fallen down this rabbit hole of fuck yes, I highly recommend doing so.

Toei Spider-Man Intro

My buds at Dad’s Garage posted this important PSA for the weekend’s upcoming brouhaha. You should check it out if you’re in the ATL. Big fat props to Mr. Bacon for playing along.


Spring has Sprung!

And that means GLORP gum is rolling out three brand new flavors and three brand new FREE t-shirts to go with them! Nothing says nice weather like chewing gum in a new shirt. But that’s not all! GLORP also has new hats, patches, and die cut sticker sets that will be sure to put the spring in your step even if the weather doesn’t!

'Tis the season for refined mastication.  Celebrate your jaw action, get Glorp'd today!



What Does “Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity” Mean?

Claiming the “insanity defense” in fictional courts of law is common and seems pretty straightforward; in real life, it’s much more rare and complex. Discover the legal definition of “insanity” — and how it relates to mental illness — in this episode of BrainStuff.

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Heyyy!  Thanks for posting, skeptv!  This was my final episode of BrainStuff.  After paving this long treacherous road, I graciously hand over Producer reins to the wonderfully talented, Mr. Paul Dechant.  Farewell Discovery, you will truly be missed (snicker).



Here’s a weekend project I did back in ‘06.  In case you don’t wanna go all the way over to the Vimeo page to get the scoop, I’ll post it below:

Sometime in 2006, asleep in front of the TV at 3 am, I was abruptly awakened by a model train expo commercial. It seemed waaay hyper and surreal then. I waited up late for a couple weeks hoping to see it again. When I finally did, it was so tame and calmly legitimate. Disillusioned by the whole thing, I felt compelled to go to the expo and shoot some footage. I eventually made this commercial to deal with the emptiness and disappointment of my original perception of the actual commercial. Nevertheless, it was the best model train expo I’ve ever been to!

Side note: It’s still the only model train expo I’ve been to.

This is probably my favorite thing I ever made.  I like to keep my standards low.

My 1st motion tracking project.  I tracked for the cereal box and villain faces, in case you couldn’t decipher through the rest of the motion graphics excellence.  I added the equally-crappy ending a couple years later.  Despite the initial shit footage here, the nightmarish memory of seeing the original commercial for the 1st time is crystal clear.

A thing I made for some thing.

This was really fun to make.

Making the “bomb” was the best part.  I hope the NSA agent required to watch this enjoys the volume of uproarious humor packed into these few seconds of entertainment bliss.  I know things must get pretty dull around the office.